Back In The Saddle Again

It has been awhile since I have posted here regularly but that is about to change. I have found when I do not write I am at my least, like a dog who has run out of chain. With the recent realities that make up the face of America and the pool that I swim in I have decided to jump head first in the shallow end of the pool. Not that the shallow end is where I want to be but it is where most spend their time because quite frankly real  change and personal sacrifice is in the deep end of the pool……Just saying. In the next week or so I will challenge myself to post at least weekly on things that are relevant and somewhat interesting. My goal is to have a dialogue, not opinion pieces like some many of the commercial press has, and show people I am biased but I am willing to expand my view to include others. Till the next time let me say this: There is no subject I will not speak into without first looking into. Peace~The Jagged Man

Now a picture for the titles sake.

IMG_0100 copy

I title this one ” Hello Coffee My Old Friend”.

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