Refreshed By Simple Beauty

After an eleven-plus hours work day yesterday, I spent several hours in the ER setting with one of the Family. Why? Kidney stones. Enough said….so this morning as I came into the living room from the bedroom I observed several things out-of-place or odd: One was a dog on and object he was not supposed to be on, plus items I had sitting on said object on the floor. Secondly, Cats looking innocent (this is never a good sign). As I went into the kitchen I noticed water on the floor and a can I had sat on the counter above it laying near by. Mystery of the cats looking innocent solved.

With a sigh I walked over to turn on the coffee machine and I see a note, from The Bride, taped to something placed where the coffee cup goes.The note starts with ” I am Sorry”, this cannot be good my sleep deprived mind surmises. So I grab the note and the “something” its taped to and it is an empty box of coffee k-cups. I turn on the machine anyway and scrounge around the frig and find a little coffee still left that we use for the reusable k-cups. Things are looking up.

As the water is heating up in the coffee machine I walk into the bathroom and see the sink cabinet’s doors are opening. The towels resting in place of The Brides toiletries does not bode well. I feel around the down pipe from the drain and it is wet. Another project for the day and it has not even began yet. Nice. “Coffee make it better” I grunt to myself.

With the coffee water now hot, I search for a cup and find there are no clean cups. Well I am a resourceful guy so I grab my insulated ice-tea glass and move to the computer. I downloaded some pics I took over the last several days and ponder on what to write about when Mr Obvious shows up:Mornings like this equal instant post material.

For reference the back of my computer desk chair is only several feet from one end of the  love-seat. And I as I am working away on this post a little silver tabby with a wonderful little trill attempts to jump on my shoulders. Please take notice of the word attempt, it is important to this part of the story. After a slight miscalculation on her part, plus razor-sharp claws trying to grip the semi-solid surface she landed on, plus said surface(me) making adjustments trying to relieve a sudden pain in the top of my shoulder and back, equals a funny story-later-but-not-right-now type of outcome. As she lands on the floor between the chairs back and the love-seat, I look and my white shirt is turning a pretty red at the attempted landing zone. Then my work phone rings.

Duty calls so and I finish up my coffee, save this post for later and move on with the task getting this pig dressed up for the party. As I am getting cleaned up and am about ready to leave I decide I have a few minutes to label and view the pictures I just downloaded.  As I look at them I come across this one and I am refreshed by simple beauty. I hope you enjoy it as well.


*Author’s Note: This post was posted on September 14, 2013.*

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