I’m a Hypocrite and Some Other Stuff

‡ Author’s Note:I posted this on July 17, 2011. I have added this to me “Farewell Tour” posts as I head in a new direction.

When I was younger I on occasion called people hypocrites. You see my own wisdom and view of life was superior to others. I sat as judge and jury as if I knew one’s intentions because I was just smart that way I guess. As I got older I learned the value of the “judge not less you be judged” mentality because I realized I  am a hypocrite as well. Why is this? Let me count the ways.

I am a firm believer in both the institution of marriage and of treating people like I would want to be treated. Just in these two beliefs alone I could point out a few hundred ways I am a hypocrite but I will keep it down to just a few so I do not overload WordPress’s servers.

I took a vow to honor,cherish and love for better or worse. So how do I rate on a scale of one to ten? Three point five out of ten and  that could be a little high. Why is this? It seems I can muster the mental discipline to be nice and civil to others during the day but cannot keep it  up it at home with my family. This is especially true if I am having a “bad” day, or trying to blog, or while working on the dryer/car/furnace….well you get the picture. I am a hypocrite.

(Side note:As a christian I feel that marriage should be a reflection of our devotion to God as well others (see above for my failure to live this) but the truth is the divorce rate among Christians mirrors that of our  society as a whole. Nice.)

Another way is as an ex-smoker I can speak truth into the life of smokers: That truth is you can live without cigarettes. You can. Really. The benefits are many and quality of life improves for you and those around you. I will encourage people to quit and seek help because it is an addiction. I pump them up and then I go my way. At lunch I pull into a fast food joint and  order my lunch: A grilled chicken sandwich (plain) a large diet coke and a large fry. Yep lard on a stick and a drink that has a high level of phosphates that leeches calcium out of these old bones.I will not smoke but I will inject sludge into my veins via my food choices and make my bones brittle. I am a hypocrite.

As an adult driver I believe I am an average or a little above average motor vehicle operator. I use my turn signal often and my horn sparingly. I let people out of parking lots and such so they do not have to wait for a clearing. Yes I am a good driver that is till I get behind a vehicle with a blue plaque card hanging from the rear view mirror. This is card has an emblem on it in the form of a wheel chair. Yes handicap drivers make me do a shift from courteous and pleasant driver into a bowling pin shaped volcano driver spewing hot lava tainted insults. I believe one should be allowed, yes even encouraged to live life to the fullest but just not in front of me. Yes I am a hypocrite.

Onto the Other Stuff. I started blogging, as I put it, as “an exercise in writing”. If no one read my blog that was o.k. because it is about getting these thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to paper. Well that proved to be only half truthful. It turns out I do like it when other read my stuff (and check out my photos). I do not believe this in it’s self make me a hypocrite but it brings out the fact that I like it when I can impact someone. It is especially nice if it is in a positive and challenging way.  What would make me a hypocrite is if I didn’t notice something about myself after I engaged this journey. Being blind to what we are and what we do can lead us to living a double life or being as it were a hypocrite. Noticing it makes us human. Judging other also makes use human. Not changing, well that is a different story.

And this is where my story goes from here. I am taking a sabbatical of sorts. I hope to post a couple of photo projects I am working on. I will write some as well but I am going to read a few non-fiction books I have been putting off. I will also be prepping for the bathroom/kitchen remodel we are getting ramped up to do. I would say getting ready for but is one really ever ready for a major home remodel? I am also taking some time to get to know my bride a little better and see what chapter and page she is on in her life.

This is my 90th post since I started blogging almost two years ago. I will close this with some pictures I have taking around our place and look forward to getting back at it in the fall. Hopefully. Till then Peace to all and Write On!

What I believe to be a Swamp Milkweed wildflower growing in the side field on our place.

A Trumpet Creeper growing up an old fence pole by the side creek on our place.

A bud of a Trumpet Creeper: Notice the ants on this one.

The same bud of this Trumpet Creeper a few hours later. Did the ants eat the shell off so it can bloom?

A Buttonbush feeding a unidentified flying object.

A butterfly feeding on a Buttonbush in the back field.

A side view of our old barn.

I haven’t captured and image of the deer on our place but here is a deer track I found out back.

Some type of inland shell I found on our place. Notice the sand: it was wash onto our place by the spring floods.

A Knock Off Rose along the back yard fence.

A clover and a Japanese beetle.

An unidentified wildflower/budding plant in the side field.

One of several Smooth Phlox plants lining the neighbors tree line.

A couple of flowers on a Chicory plant along the fence line by the house.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Hypocrite and Some Other Stuff

  1. I think it is inevitable that we will judge people. Perhaps it is part of a survival instinct, or what is left of it. Maybe maturity is peeking around our judgements to make sure they are right or that we are in check.

    Enjoy the sabbatical!

  2. I am always hyper aware of my dabblings into hypocrisy. I try very very hard to not be that guy. And, to be honest, I think I usually win…at least in action. In thought I am often hypocritical. But then the old reminder of ‘none of your business’ creeps in and tempers my actions. Cool blog entry and awesome pictures!!

    • Thanks Bo for visiting! I understand to action part because I think I am pretty good at tempering that as well. Now I want it to touch my heart.

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