For The Love of Art and Bubba

The past year and a half, or so, has been a tipping point in My Brides and my life. Let me make this clear: It has been ugly as hell for us both and I am trying to get traction to reverse that trend. Now I know we all are responsible for our actions, reactions and interactions in this life but we can make each other better by taking ownership of the fact that everyone matters.  That later is something I must confess has been lacking on my part for sometime now.

With that said  a little bit of light is making its way through the blackness of my life,  I  now have a new direction. The painting below is the first painting I have done since grade school. It started out as a exercise in learning brush technique but turned in to something deeper: A face of one of the many oppressed people on this wonderful Blue Marble we call Home. The title for this painting is called Australia’s Original.

Now for the Love of Bubba. If the general public met Bubba they would think Bubba is at the most the lowest hanging fruit of humanity.  To me Bubba is an example of the purest representation of what being one’s best is. Why? He does what he said he will do and honors it with a handshake. Simple, pure and backed up with back breaking work.

Heads up for the next chapter:  Keeping it true to my Maker I now have a purpose. Thanks to Killer Mike, one of the players of Run The Jewels, I now see the problem is closer to home than I thought it was.

Peace~The Jagged Man

IMG_2107 (2)

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