My Photos

I have several “weapons” in my arsenal and they are three older point and shoots and a couple of old 35mm film cameras. Compared to a lot of blogs who have “photo” in their blog name mine are not “professional” grade. So as you can see it is like bringing a water gun to put out a forest fire! I feel blessed to have cameras to shoot pics at all and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

3 thoughts on “My Photos

    • Your ability to write, wonderfully so I might add, and photograph people and capture their essences is a gift. I am blessed by all bloggers to one extent or another but yours posts have lovely colors and flavors to them: Thanks for sharing!

  1. I feel honoured by your compliments – especially about “capturing their essences”; which is what this “amateur” tries to do. I also appreciate your use of the phrase “lovely colors and flavors”. Cheers.

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