My New Purpose: Take One Plus Bubba and Killer Mike

In my last post I mentioned I have a new purpose, and I do, but it is not totally defined yet, nor does it have a mission statement ( Folks LOVE mission statements). Simply put I am going to write, ponder and take pictures. At the core of my new purpose is to start dialog and agree to disagree with others who are not on my same bandwidth.

Now where does Bubba play into this: Bubba is dirt poor, is not “educated” by today’s standards but Bubba is the real deal. Through people like Bubba, and some very real-to-me setbacks, I learned me a thing or two. One: I am a hypocrite and Two: Total Human. Just to let you now those two things go hand in hand.

Being poor is not anything new to humanity nor is the way society looks down on them. Me and My Bride are poor as hell right now. Period. In the light of that fact I just believed poor folks were lazy or some shit like that. The truth is it is more complex than that. Now to my awakening.

Killer Mike has a show called Trigger Warning on Netflix and it has opened my heart to stretch myself in a very humbling way. For one I am not living Black in America. I am white, in 50’s and a Christian. To be real I have to walk a mile in others shoes and when I don’t understand something shut the hell up and listen.

Growing up I had the blessing of having two Loving parents. And they listened to me and when they did not understand where I was coming from they said so. Years later I also realized that did not see color or any of the stuff that divides. This is where one my hypocrisy’s comes into play: I took this Gift for granted. Later in life I told my folks how much they meant to me but when I was young I did not value it as at all.

Now for the taking pictures part of the deal. This is some stuff I have on my bookcase. Though some may see random stuff each has meaning to me. Maybe later I will address that. Or not.

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