Somethings Just Take A Bit

My last post was about a new purpose, which is what I have tried to do as my Folks did: They walked a mile in the others persons shoe as much as humanly possible to see their humanity and their side of the story. Asking someone to do that now it is almost impossible but for those do it is worth the journey.

Killer Mike has brought something to me that I have known to be true but have been fearful to do: To challenge my biases and other folks peoples biases as well.. He does this with respect but a realness driven pirpose I lack.

I am sorry for the short post but I have been seeking a way to procure funds to replace the AC on mine and Bro Dudes house. Since he ain’t here it as on me the Powers to Be. They delivered and I am just trying to get that load off My Bride’s and my chest and move on.

We are trying to walk this out step by step. Till then here is pic I took last week. It has been to long in coming but it feels good be behind the lens again.

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