More Or Less The Same

It has been awhile since I last posted and much has transpired in that time. Such is life and there is to much to write about in one blog post. If you have viewed my previous posts you will know that Jarrel, my Brother, took his life and the mess that caused. Though I have mourned him, and will still feel grief from time to time, much has changed but it still life is more less the same. In 90 days or so I will be a divorcee and yet my friendship with my soon-to-be ex has grown (We were friends before we married so this makes my Heart glad). Though I have sought help for my drinking problem, and have found serenity in my recovery, I have grown a new circle of friends that rival the one I once had. Even with Covid-19 making everyone’s life look a lot different than before, for me it has reinforced the truth that the only constant in life is change.

My writing has been limited to me searching myself to understand my weaknesses as well as my strengths. That is slowly shifting as I allow it (I am the problem as well as the solution). Photography and music still are part of the fabric of my life. Also is my on going battle with technology….I am uncertain that will ever change! One thing that has not changed is how Grateful I am of the gifts I have been given. Yet there is one thing I have learned, and that has changed me, and that is how accept life on life’s terms. That has lead me to a place inside me that always wants to be in control but I have found that by letting go has changed me and my outlook on life. I am learning to lean into Grace and Gratitude and pausing along the way to just be and breath. The simple things like appreciating sunsets, puffy little clouds in amazing blue skies to hard times and finding I can be teachable even as I age. These simple but powerful things makes my life something other than just living for me. These things, are more or less the same for us all, but they make me feel alive.

Here is a pic for the Taking Pictures part of this post.

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