Moon Haiku

‡ Author’s Note: I first published this January 26,2013 ‡

I took this picture of the moon tonight we my new-to-me Canon PowerShot SX10 is. Because of the longer focal length needed in the capture I used a mono-pod, and used the timer setting, so I would not undo the camera’s Image Stabilization when snapping the shot. After several tries, and waiting on passing vehicles, mission accomplished. I headed back into the embracing warmth of our home to see the results.

Though I am happy with the results, as I was looking at this photo, it just cried for something “else” to be complete. What to add I wonder and then I had an idea for a Haiku. I have not written many Haiku’s, to the lover of the art form it obvious why,  so I decide try again. Here is my  photo of the moon complete with Haiku.

Taken with my Canon PowerShot SX10 is.

The picture of the moon was taken with my Canon PowerShot SX10 is.

8 thoughts on “Moon Haiku

    • Thank you! It is my second Haiku about the moon. My haiku critic is no longer on WordPress so I am not sure how good it is. None the less I like trying my hand at haiku from time to time. Thanks for stopping by and till the next time Peace.

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    This is from my place called Pondering Things and Taking Pictures. I haven’t spent much time there since my Dad died this past December. Turns out he was about the only one who visited anyway. Over the last several months I have been getting hits and this is one that has been getting the most visits. As I ponder what to do with Ponder Things and Taking Pictures I will share some of my poems and such with you all ~ Peace.

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