Snow Reflections

Ficus (a.k.a "The Boy" ) Caninus

Ficus (a.k.a “The Boy” ) Caninus

As I walked the boy on our nightly journey before bed time I had a snow reflection:  Light pollution makes the night into day when it snows. I am sure most have noticed this before but in my train-wreck- called- life I hadn’t slowed down enough to notice. After all this time  what clued me in you ask? I didn’t need a flash light to track the progress of my dog Ficus as I normally do on our nightly walk!  You see if I don’t watch him, he will “fake” going to the potty while tracking the scent of any critter who comes on to the premise. Why is this important? If I do not make sure he does his ” business” I know he will do it where he spends his nights: In the man cave. I really I do not need the added funk to deal with the morning after.

The moon. Really, you had to ask?

The moon. Really, you had to ask?

While pondering this and wondering if the moon was out, would almost be a bright as daytime,  the clouds parted on cue and turned night into day letting the moon peek out briefly. As I soaked in the wonder of it all, and as the cold wind stung my eyes and pierced through it seems to my bones,  I realize how good it is to sometimes just be in the moment. To slow down and look around. To feel the life around you. To feel the fire of life in you. To simply just be

‡ Author’s Note : I originally posted this January 31, 2011 ‡

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