Finding Center

Long ago in a land far away there was nothing. Now there is something here, there and everywhere. When human kind started to expand and occupy the Earth the had to take into account the land and surrounding areas. Many things had to be considered, through the long tradition of trail and error, and then a settlement was born. The hope was the area they choose had amble water and provided the necessary staples of life to sustain growth. A balance had to be there to let Earth and Human kind co-exist.

Fast forward to the here and now and one would be right to say that state, county & city planners, home & commercial builders, businesses, factories and cooperation’s do not seek to find balance, well with anything but the bottom line. One out of the constraints of not enough resources and seeking more tax revenues and the others out of chasing profits. Now I must inject profits are not bad but at the exclusion of caring for the well-being of the planet and fellow human beings that is where the problem lies.

They are not the only ones to blame here. You see we the consumer mostly without though of who it affects and we consume without putting anything back. The old saying ” leave better than you found it” is just that, an old saying lost in antiquity. We need to find a balance between wants and needs. It is more important now than every we find ways to move forward  learning from the mistakes of the past. It is time we find center. We cannot wait for the leaders of this world to do that for us we must do it ourselves. This is a post not about me having answers but about how we can educate ourselves and ask informed and empowering questions.


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