Celebrating A Life Part II

A post from my photo website Daffodil Hill Photography.

Daffodil Hill Photography

Last Saturday as My Bride and I walked around the lake we met many folks who were there with their dogs. Dogs and people greeted us as we pasted on the trail. Now there are usually a lot of people out walking but on this day we saw more dogs than ever before. Our hearts and faces smiled because we knew how fun it is to enjoy nature with our pets. Our hearts also hurt a little bit because we were celebrating Our Boys life instead of mourning his passing. We did not mention it to anyone we met but felt a kinship with them in as we too loved to hang out with Ficus.

Yes our Corgi’s name was Ficus, as in the tree, and we got him when he was three years old. He loved to “work” by playing llab, or ball for the rest of us. We…

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