Getting There

This past weekend I took a little time out for some photography therapy. There are several bridges close to my Pops place and I stopped there on my way back to our place. As I was trying to compose an interesting shot of the underside of this old but still used railroad bridge I heard an approaching airliner. I then recalled one going over-head as I was parking just up the road from the old bridge. That told me I was on the flight path an airport on the other side of the river.

I watched as it passed over the bridge and thought how cool it would be to capture an airplane passing over the bridge. So I waited. Not to very long past the time the plane I saw over the bridge there was another coming into ear shot. Since the embankment that was supporting this stretch of the bridge blocked my view of the approaching plane I knew I had one chance. This next capture was that chance.


As I studied this shot and how I could have done it better a thought came over my horizon: No matter what the mode of transportation, no matter the destination the hard thing for a lot of us is just starting the journey

That journey may be a small change we need to make or overcoming past hurts and habits that haunt the here and now but all the excuse we make will be of cold comfort later in life if we stay where we are. Taking the first step that is a big part of getting there. So here is a little encouragement (I hope) on your next journey and your first step to getting there.

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