Ello’ Little Bunny

Once again I had to go to the way-back-files for a capture or two to post. The days are gray and the words come in staggered steps and new ideas are for want. In that mind-set I gave pause when I came across this one. Not because of the subject matter but because of the time and place it represented. It was from the time I call Post-Former-Career-I-Hoped-To-Retire-From -Killed-By-The-Financial-Crisis. Due to men and women who lacked integrity and honor in their profession I was out of work in a profession I was very good at. With bitter taste of the loss of two decades plus of training, education and sweat and blood I had decided to stop accepting unemployment. That is where me and the Bunny convened in this plane of existence.

I was working as a contract laborer and was given the job of tending to a very old and lovely Estate. This day’s task was to tend to a  Rose and Tulip bed removing weeds, by hand I must add, and layer mulch to discourage future weeds from showing up. After many year at a job that was mostly behind a desk this was hard but meaningful work. One draw back was I also needed to be close to the subject at hand. Translation: Desk work makes one soft while this task was down in the dirt full contact type of work.

On this day the temps were in the high nineties and the humidity made if feel more like Dante’s inferno. When this little wonderment showed up at the party the heat and discomfort disappeared. Cool was the mental breeze that blew from there on out. With that said I present to you, with a short story made long, the day I proclaimed ” Ello’ Little Bunny”.

IMG_3131 IMG_3179

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