Candy Corn Poop

Life is full of connections and some are easy to find and some are by the strangled route. I was surprised by this one but it is interesting to me none the less.

Oma from Blurt has a subtle sense of humor and unique but hard-earned insight into human nature. Well the humor is subtle as a swift kick to the split in your pants once you get it. The unique insight was earned at the end of the spear. Added together his stuff has helped me through some hard spots in the road  and life’s, well stuff.

There is a group I hang with on Tuesday nights that has helped me as well. The group is eclectic and full of those who have a unique bent on life as well. So this past Tuesday when I was given a little gift I thought of Oma.


The Tuesday night gift.

So what is the connection: Candy Corn. After looking at the poem and seeing the Candy Corn I though of how both of these groups have helped me through life’s stuff. They have been a sweet spot in life’s not-so-sweet-spot. So enjoy this season a little Candy Corn Poop and I hope you can find some sweetness in a season of not-so-much-sweetness.

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