Just A Little Thing

After mowing the yard today I took my usual walk about to check out things I say while mowing. One is of a little flower, well actually I think it is a weed, that seems to thrive on our place. I  have left several areas of these little white flowers untouched.

Why you may ask. Or not. You see while passing by them as I was mowing  I notice there are several types of bees, well being busy in collecting  pollen off them. That is why I leave patches here and there of these little flowers. I may look funny to a passer-by but I do not really get hung up on that. The advantage of living in the country is I am not trying to out do The Jones in the perfect manicured lawn category.

I walked to a small patch of them by my barn and set about to take some pictures of them.I was hoping to get several shots of the contrast of their white color with the reddish-brown of the barn. What I found was a little, and I mean little worm. Not sure what type it is but here is the picture I took of it.

Taken with my Canon PowerShot S3is

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