Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Authors Note: The following is a draft of a post I started last September and never finished. I say my first lightening bug of the season last night and thought about this post. I was not able to finish it last year and have still do not know how to finish out the (to me) wondrous sight. I am posting this unfinished post in honor of all the fireflies who have gone before and are yet to come for our viewing pleasure. Because when the stars come to visit I find the extraordinary in the ordinary!

As the moon lit our path this late September night, the boy and I headed out for high and grand adventure. Well not really. The truth is when a dogs got to go the dogs got to go!  As he visited his favorite watering hole we made our way along the back fence line. As we rounded the raised garden a small green nova like light caught my eye. I stopped and gave pause because it wasn’t up in the heavens but it was on terra firma! A lightening bug had fired up it’s afterburners and it’s after glow caught my eye!

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