Golden Eyes Shining In The Sun

With the temperatures in the lower to mid-fifties this morning I was thankful it was at least sunny out. Heading out to face the day,  the rays of sunshine coming through the windshield warmed my old bones rather nicely. As I arrived at my first stop I spotted a cat cleaning her self in a sun drenched spot on the walkway leading to the front porch. It seems the sun was warming her up rather nicely as well.

Enjoying the days rays!

As I was preparing to leave I noticed the cat was still in the warm cocoon of light courtesy of the sun. Being who I am, I could not pass up the chance to take a picture of  this content and now clean cat. I snapped off the above shot and was about to review it when she looks up at me. Amazing! Her eyes where orbs of golden sunshine! As I adjusted the cameras ISO and was setting the shutter speed she looked away. ( Dear Mr Bird, Thanks for landing in view of this cat while I was trying to get the shot). After using its spidey senses to detect a predator staring at it a few yards away the bird flew off and she looked back at me. The following picture is the result and worth the ninety seconds it took to get the shoot.

Golden Eyes Of Sunshine.

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