Some Random Pics and Me Rambling a Bit

The last several weeks have been somewhat challenging and way too busy. I have worked on a few post but cannot seem to finish them. Either the words will not come or as the case is on of a few of them the story has not played it’s self out yet.As the next few weeks roll by I hope to get back to finishing them.

Also I finally fixed one of our cars that needed repair. I now have the parts to fix the other. Thanks to good friends and beater they gave up we have been able to get around.  I have taken quite a few photos lately but haven’t been happy with my results.I tried my hand out on a old 35mm manual camera only to inadvertently open the film door and ruin the film.  To top it off my zoom on my Canon s3 has stopped working and gives an error code. Finding some one to work on it around here has been unsuccessful. I will try Canon forums on line next. Till then I will keep on shooting!

I like old barns and older houses. I found this scene and had to shot it. The sky was awesome as well.

A lady bug accessorizing a yellow flower of unknown type.

A clover that survived my mowing of the lawn.

The little twig seems to be floating in the wind but it is held to the branch by a spider web.

Not sure what type of flower this but I the contrast between it and the fence behind it.

I have been told this is a type of fly but not sure what type.

A Damselfly by the creek on the south side of our place.

Love the simple and soft colors of this flower garden arrangement.

I love the beautiful white clouds gracing the blue sky in this shot.

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