New Blog Name

I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog for sometime now. The name and user name being the same was not a well conceived plan on my part. I ran hundreds  several names through my old gray matter and none of them just “sounded” right. I found several I really liked but there were other blogs with the same name so I nixed them.I checked domains available for a few more and thou they were available still no ethereal music begging me onward. There are a few I still may use for another blog or as a possible book title but nothing seemed to fit.

I mean I do not feel like I “blog” because a good blog focus on mainly one thing and ties other things/thoughts into that blog’s theme/agenda/fill-in-blank-here.  Mine, not at all so much. I don’t have “musings”, I am not “unique”  nor do I fit a “niche”. My “tags” don’t and my URL is not desirable.  So why “blog” and do this thing at all? Well for one  it is a great vehicle to write and share with others. Secondly even though I think, I see, I feel and I wonder, most of all I  started this whole journey to simply to write. I feel, well compelled to write. I have for a very long time. It took me a little longer than it should have to be faithful to that invisible pull to do so.

What about the photo part of this thing I do? The photos for me are like a cool breeze, coming from seemly out of nowhere, while working in the pounding heat of a hell hot day. It refreshes me and my mind to get out and find things to take pictures of. I look at things from a more world within the world way than most. We travel past small flowers, fence posts and every day things everyday without ever really noticing them. I notice them and I like taking pictures of such stuff.

So how did I come up with this blog name: it was my last blog post title (sort of). I saw it and said “Well that seems to say it well enough” so here it is my new blog name: Pondering Things and Taking Photos.

I hope you enjoy the “new” name and can understand why there is no real “theme” to my blog. I do it because I want to do this.


The Jagged Man

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