Pondering and Taking Pictures

Over the past week or so I have been pondering several things. Some are personal and need to dealt with internally, and privately. There are other things though that are troubling and weighty but I feel I can share. At the end of May  my friend Mike lost his battle with cancer. He was a life time smoker who even when sick refused to quit.I know he was a grown ass man but I will always wonder what if he quit. The first of July marks the passing of his son, whom I also was friends with, in a drowning accident over the past Forth of July weekend. Going be a long month for their families and hopefully it will pull them together not a part as sometime tragedy does.

A couple of the things I have been pondering about  are not as weighty. One is the time frame and logistics of remodeling our bathroom and kitchen.A problem sure but more like a small inconvenience in the big picture of things. Another is not as huge or serious but concerns this blog. I am going to either change my blog title or maybe simply start a new blog. My screen name will stay the same either way but I feel a need to separate the “person” from the blog title. I mean The Jagged Man by The Jagged Man is, well redundant.

So for the foreseeable future I will repost a few blogs and some of my pictures.The pictures in this post are from my property. Thanks to an abundance of rain and finally some sunshine the property is now over run with green things. As I wrote earlier my neighbor gave away the jackasses that he ran on my property(https://thejaggedman.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/i-sure-miss-my-jackassand-jenny-neighbors/ .  Since they keep it trimmed down very well, things will be growing steadily till the land dries enough we can get in and bush-hog the place.

Their being gone is sad but a good thing as well. What has happened is I get to walk around look at things that I normally ignored. There are two things I looked at closer today. One of those things is the fence post to nowhere. Secondly is a small area by the  creek that runs beside the property. This little creek is where the jackasses got their water.

I took several pictures of each thing in both B&W and color. I enjoyed the walk about and setting up the shots. The journey is really the second to best part. Sharing them is the best part! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.

The fence roll to nowhere in color..

The fence to nowhere in black and white

This fence pole has such wear and tear and is leaning but is still standing.

The same pole with character in color.

More poles from the fence line that goes nowhere.

A dragon fly in B&W behind shed.

A wildflower the I cannot identify on the other side of the fence.

Wildflower in B&W.

This little guy was great at posing for me. Or maybe he was to busy at the job at hand?

Another bee getting busy on flowers/weeds by the side creek.

Flowers or weeds I not sure which but I like the contrast of the yellow against the gray of the rock. Taking by the side creek.

Picture by auther

Same flowers/weeds taking by the side creek.

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