Cats Tails Starring TriPod

I was working in a veterinary clinic last year painting the lab when I met TriPod. TriPod was laying on the office counter when I first meet him. As I approached the office counter TriPod came over to greet me. As I petted him I was taken back by the obvious fact he only has three legs! I ask the ladies in the office what his name was. “TriPod” they said. It turns out he had a rough life but landed in a good place to finish out his time here on Terra Firma. Folks meet TriPod!

TriPod the cat

TriPod the Cat

TriPod the Cat

TriPod the Cat

3 thoughts on “Cats Tails Starring TriPod

  1. Was telling Betty this morning about your pictures of Tripod and she wanted you to know he is now in Kitty Cat Heaven. I am sending this on to Doc he will love the pictures.

  2. I knew he had passed but could not pass up showing him off when I came across these pics. Thanks for visiting Sharon.

    • I read each time I get a email saying you have written something new. I don’t always comment but I do enjoy what you write.

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