A Ray of Hope During Life’s Storms

Life is at it’s best is unpredictable. Storms come and go as we journey down the path we chose. Some say the path is chosen for us but I think, by not making a choice, we have indeed chosen the path we are on. Not matter what path though there are storms in everyone’s life. We lose someone we love. A loved one dies.  Maybe a business we had fails. We lose out job. Again. Friends who drift down a different path and we find we have no one to fill that empty hole in our lives. It’s one thing after another till our ability to handle them decrease or ceases all together.

As life is happening clouds come into our sunny days. They come and build into storms waiting to release it’s energy onto out lives. Next comes the pounding rain. With rain comes rising waters. This water rises and push against the emotional flood wall we have built up inside us. And the rains keep coming. The water keeps rising and as it rises it keeps building. As it keeps builds it pushes and keeps pushing harder and harder till those bounders give way. They spill over into out safe places and lay waste to things that we believe could never be compromised. And the rain keeps coming. And the waters keep cascading into an already full space.

We reach for something, anything it seems to help us keep from getting swept away. Some grab for good and helpful things: Trusted friends and family,sound counsel and faith. Others reach for drugs, alcohol and any mind numbing and/or self reducing behavior.  I have at times chosen poorly. The safe harbor I chose to grasp was an illusion, failed and broken. Soon I was back in the emotional torrent filled places. Again I was being swept away.

As storms pass I have noticed that the some clouds always seem to linger. As these clouds move on there are at first little gaps in the clouds.These little gaps allow the sun to shine  little beams of light through. A ray here and a ray there till all the clouds are gone and light re-enters the day.

In life it is most assuredly when storms come not if they come. And faith is what keeps me afloat by pointing me toward those rays of hope that let me know light is coming. Storms will come but I keep my eyes looking for a ray of hope during life’s storms.

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