I Sure Miss My Jackass(And Jenny) Neighbors

Perissodactyla Equidae Equus asinus.That is the scientific name for a donkey. Long name. Small animal. They are know around these here parts as a jackass. Well, in truth a male donkey is known as a Jack, a female is a Jenny.No matter what you call them I called them neighbors for the last five years.

My neighbor ran the donkeys and a pony on my property. He was trying to get the Jack to breed with the pony and have a mule.There also were a total of two little ones born in that time.Though that number seems small, the gestation period for donkey’s are eleven to fourteen months. When the little one are born their ears are as large as they are going to get. They are quite adorable.

And for five years the bride and I have talked to, petted and feed treats to this little herd. When I would come home from work I would call them and they would come to the fence for some attention. If I was working outside they would just come over and hang out.I would check on them after bad storms to make sure all were there and they had not been struck by lighting. After the floods this spring I could not find the pony.I was concerned she had been swept away by the swollen and raging creek that now was a small river. After changing into my boots I went looking for her. I found her under some trees up the hill hidden behind my old broken down barn.

I came home a few weeks ago and they were gone. After repeated escapes into an adjoining property my neighbor decided it was time for them to find a new home.I guess he was tired of being awaken at two and three in the morning, by the state police, and being informed they had gotten out. Again. They went to a good home where there are cattle to be protected from coyotes (donkeys are the coyotes only natural enemy around here) and where there are childern to ride the pony.

So I said all that to show you some pictures of my former neighbors. Enjoy

The four adults of the posse

The Jenny a.k.a Mommy and the youngest Francis

Old Man and Young Buck

Happy trails

Old Man and Wisp the Pony

Wisp the Pony up close and personal


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