Our Corgi: The Boy and His Royal Connection

For the record I could not have cared any less about the Royal wedding even if I was in a coma. I am sure they are nice people and all but we have about as much in common as Oprah and I. Which is to say nothing.

Well it turned out I was wrong (About the Royal family not Oprah:We still do not have anything in common). I was reminded by my bride that like Queen Elizabeth II we own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  I am sure that’s where the connection ends but I have decided to honor this connection by posting for the world pictures of The Boy.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy him!

The Boy in profile.

The Boy engaged in a game of chasing the ball.

The Boy bring the ball back while playing ball.

The Boy getting some serious “air”, well serious air for a Corgi!

The Boy keeping his eye on the ball.

The Boy giving me his best ” What cha looking at” look.

The Boy posing. He is a rock star you know.

The Boy after playing ball in our rain soaked yard.

The Boy watching after a young charge.

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