Freedom Isn’t Free

I have been following a story about a church who protests funerals of American soldiers and I am, well sad. I am usually very angry at such acts of (hopefully) ignorance but on this day I am sad. Sad. I wish I had a great revelation to give you here but I don’t. I am thankful but sad that they can do what they do because others purchased that freedom at a high cost. I can write about such things and celebrate my beliefs and my faith in God because of that freedom.

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Below is a post left on this story in a local news paper. I do not one hundred percent agree with them but I agree with sentiment behind the words. Because this person served they have a right to speak. For us who haven’t it is simply this: A privileged.

38specialady said on March 6, 2011 at 5:56 PM

“With rights come responsibilities. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I spent 21 years in the military defending the right to free speech. This isn’t free speech, it is a h a t e crime. These are not Christians. Christians are humble, peaceful, loving, serving, and forgiving. They presume to know the mind of God, which is a dangerous game they play. A special place awaits them…”

I guess my faith is ignorance to most but I am OK with that. I can go to church or use the word God and Christ in this country freely and I am thankful for that. But it comes at a cost. Not only to God who allowed His Son to die for all but to many men and women in the service of this country. “Aw how quaint’ some would think and say but I remember watching TV back during the Vietnam war. I remember the news showing the body counts of those killed in action. Quaint it wasn’t. The cost was real for me. What did I get for “free”?  The ability to dream and to hope and to live as I chose not as other would have me to do. To feel and breath in the sweet smell of God’s grace and mercy and be free to do so. That is what I get for “free”.  All I can say to those who serve and to those who have served and I know these are only words: Thank You.

Authors Note: This is an earlier post I did and think in light of recent events it is worth  another visit. (Originally published March 7,2011)

2 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free

  1. Can and should are so distinct, but so few can separate them.

    I don’t get how these protestors dont see the difference or that they drive people away from their position.

    • Part of been free (freedom) means having an open mind to look at both sides of an issue. It is hard work especially if one side doesn’t fit your life view but it at least leaves open the possibility of future discussion. Being judgmental (and closed minded) closes that door very soundly indeed.
      Thanks for visiting Oma.

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