A Small Thing

As I walked across the yard this evening there was a small thing that stopped my mind from wandering and made me pause and focus: Ah, the sound of frogs! They haven’t made their presence known much this past week or so. It seems even frogs do not like it when it rains too much! Why they do not sing their little song during stormy weather and times of excessive rain is a mystery to me. I mean they live in water, right? None the less I am glad they are back. It gives me hope we may have a reprieve from all this rain we have been getting. A small thing.

As I listen to the frogs fade into the background I make my way down the road. I look up and I actually see a star! With the rain and storms taking up residence in our neck of the woods star-gazing has been, well non-existent. The clouds part here and there and a star or two peek out, shining like a long-lost gem that has washed up onto a beach. A small thing.

My walk ends and I get ready to head into a house that needs much work but is still a home. The bride is there in the living room with cats on her lap reading a book.The sound of the washing machine is our background music this evening as I head into write this post. I sit in a comfortable chair and my dog is laying at me feet. Each one is a small thing. I stop and give thanks for each small thing.

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