My Shorts Are On Backwards and Other Happenings

Last night I spent the last few moments before going to sleep apologizing to my bride for having a minor but intense melt down. I tried to steer her away from the epicenter of my emotional volcano but with out success. Hence the apology. Having had very little sleep, due to tornado warnings  and my melt down, I hoped for a nice, pleasant day today. I would even accept an indifferent day just as long as it left me well enough alone.

So first off right out of the gate I get out of the shower and put my underwear on backwards. No problem. A minor adjustment and all is right with the world. Disaster adverted and the hope of a good day remains. I get ready without anymore wardrobe malfunctions and head down the road.

I am making good time until the low coolant light comes on.” Great what else…” is my next thought just to be interrupted mid-thought by another idiot light coming on. The low oil level light joins the party. Nice. I had checked the oil level last week so this surprises me but I have to exercise due diligence so I pull over. I get the oil out of the trunk and the coolant bottle as well. I top off the coolant  jug and then check my oil. The oil level is barely a quart low but I decide to trust the light fill it up. As I start pouring the oil the wind shows up and blows oil onto the exhaust manifold. Wow that sure is pretty fire I have here in my engine compartment. I reach over the fire and put the oil cap on so the fire will not burn up the oil trail and into my engine. I have nothing to put the fire out with and by default decide to let it burn itself out. As the fire burns it’s self out I am amazed that I am still hopeful for a good day.

After getting back on the road without the kaleidescope of warning lights lighting up my dash I arrive to work right on time. Well right on time that is for the low fuel light to come on. I check the wallet in case my wallet magically made me some money. I call the bride and ask if she will set the debit card out so I can pick it up since I do not have a magical wallet. She does and I find this nice note waiting for me. Yep still hopeful for a good day.

Note from the bride.I taped it to my " desk" at work.

As I go through the day I start to realize I am having a good day so hope is now alive. I get to my last stop and it is locate with a very scenic view of some beautiful farm land. I would love to take some pictures of it but the sun has not being out all day. That’s alright I think because it is still a good day. As I start to leave the sun shows up and I ask if I can take a few shoots. “Sure” is the answer and off I go taking a few picks with my old Nikon 4600 Coolpix before heading back to the shop. Below are a few of those pictures.

I get back and the bride and I head out to meet a friend to walk through The Stations of the Cross. There is a tension between the visual reminders and me. I have a part in this story. I am the both the cause and the reason why it is so. Between Palm Sunday and Easter I try to be very focused on that tension and very humbled by why it is there. We finish The Stations and walk out somberly looking to Easter and what it represents. Hope. Alive. Hope is alive.

2 thoughts on “My Shorts Are On Backwards and Other Happenings

    • It was an amazing day that I really thought was going to be horrible! Really all the signs were there for a crash and burn kind of day but you never know. Life is like a sports event:Even if you are down you can still come back and win: That’s why we play the game! Thanks for visiting Oma.

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