Blue On a Cold May Day

I decide last night when I crawled in to bed that I was sleeping in today. I was feeling blue and a little stressed. The house project now has a solid vision and a specific direction.What we do not have is the money right now. Add a layer of blues.

My friend James is getting deployed and I am worried. I always worry when someone I know gets deployed but especially when I also know their family. That fact adds an extra degree of weight to what maybe. Another layer of the blues.

The weather for this Monday is cold with a layer of grey. What that means is I do not(again) get to go walk about and take the pictures I have been dying to take for the last month and half. The is due to the rain and bleak weather we are having this spring. Another layer on top of another layer of blues.

At five pm today I start my work week on call and that adds another layer to my blues. I love my job but starting the work week off on call seems to stress me out and I really do not know why. I have a job so no layers are added to my blues. Time for a walk.

As I get my walking around shoes I spy through the bedroom window a ground hog eating in my side yard. I know they are seen more as a pest than as been beneficial but still I like them. They give purpose to my old barn.It makes a nice home for them since it is unfit for farm animals. I feel the blues lifting.Nice.

As I walked my dog some more of the blues began to lift because you see my dog rocks. As we make our rounds a rancorous noise pierces my head> The source of the noise is at first unknown but then a red headed woodpecker flies into view and lands on a tree directly in front of me. He is HUGE. Very cool. Another layer is lifting away.

As I stand there and feel the needles of cold mixed with the wind prick my skin something else catches my eye. The “dead” rose bush that was given to me is blooming! I get my camera and take the below picture. As I look at the little rose bush I make peace with the fact, that even if the sun isn’t out and I cannot control what goes on in this world, I can at least enjoy the simple things.

First Blooms From "Dead" Rose Bush

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