The Rug

As I watch the Super Bowl I find I am somewhat bored. No not with the game but because I am not over at Wayne and Christy’s eating and what not. This is the first year in five or six years we are not over living it up with our friends for the Super Bowl. So why aren’t we there? The bride had the stomach flu a few days ago so we did not want to spread the love of the bug.  So I start thinking what has happen this past week that is worth writing about. Well now……..

I meet a WW II vet last week and was blown away by his fire for life at eight-six years old. He was in the European theater and was wounded twice. The need for men was huge as the war with Germany was being pushed to it’s conclusion. So instead of going home he moved into a administrative job till the end of the war. After arriving state side he got back to civilian life he got back into playing the guitar. He sang and played in bands until he was eighty-four years old. That my friends is way cool!

As we talked I told him I had tried sales and was not very successful and he told me to be like him. He points to his head and said “Get one of these”. I said “One of what? “A hair piece” he says. People won’t take you as serious as they should if you are bald he points out to me. He is a student of human nature and a hoot besides but I will not be getting a rug.

The following pictures are why I should not get a rug. Enjoy.The Jagged Man once again reflecting.The Jagged Man and his rug in a reflective mood.The Jagged Man shooting the bull.

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