Roger You Are Missed

Photo by John Burgess

Photo by John Burgess

It was twenty-nine years ago my friend Roger decide life to end his life. There is no way to say that and lessen the reality. It seems like yesterday really and at the same time two life- times ago.  One thing remains constant though and that is it never goes away. I could have put this part of my life in the cellar or wherever people put things they choose to forget but I choose not to. Why? Because the point where Rogers life, my life and that event intersected had a major impact on me being who I am today.

It was an event that showed me the value of life more than any other. There have been other events that have reaffirmed this since then. With Rogers passing, and with all the emotions and at times the numbness, it has become a personal way-point in my life. I believed  I valued life and friendships but being  eighteen at the time I am sure those convictions were very one dimensional. Rogers passing made the concept of life and of friendship no longer a concept but something real and multidimensional. It made life real and valuable. And in the thirty years since I am still trying to figure it out.

Through all the failing and successes of this jagged life I thank God I remember Roger. In the remembering it helps me help others and puts a face on the value of  human life. Rogers life was short but no less valuable and Roger if you are reading this now I want you to know this: You are missed.

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