Music My Oldest Friend

Picture taken by the author.

Music has been, and hopefully will always be, a major part of my life. I grew up listening to Bluegrass music and fell in love with the internal rhythm that Bluegrass music possesses. I got my first am/fm radio when I was six or seven years old and soon fell in love again. This time with the screaming guitars riffs and heavy sounds of percussions from such bands as Led Zeplin, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Butterfly, Scorpions, Nazerth, Thin Lizzy and the list goes on and on………………

Spurred on by the need to be a rock star I tried my hand at playing the guitar. I was soon derailed by two things: 1) We could only afford an old guitar with a really huge neck. My little hands could not reach around it to well. 2) Lack of talent. A big necked guitar and a lack of talent (mostly the lack of talent) relegated me to a position of an observer and listener in the world of music…..

My Sunday Office

My Sunday Office

Well that is till 1975 when my grandmother bought me a drum set and I found out I was a pretty decent drummer. I played along to my favorite bands blaring through my headphones and I was a legend in my own mind. Aw those were the days…..

I went to a KISS concert in Louisville, Ky in December of 1977. I was at the time a huge KISS fan so much so I had a t-shirt with KISS log made for me at the Kentucky State Fair that previous summer. Of course being a teenager I could not leave well enough alone so my buddy Ronnie and I had them to add “me” under the logo. But back to the KISS concert. I paid my seven dollars and fifty cents to see KISS with an unknown band (at least to me) called AC/DC ( And yes I got to see KISS and a Bon Scott led AC/DC for seven dollars and fifty cents)! As AC/DC first started I knew KISS had lost its place as my-all -time –at- the -time –favorite- rock band. I still like AC/DC till this day and only Rush rates higher than them but not by much…..

As time marched on I started to listen to other types and genres of music. As there are many colors that make up the world we see music has as its own spectrum of color if you will. Because of some inner pool of reflection or of absurdity I have diverse and an eclectic taste in music. Haven’t meet much musically I don’t like and I feel blessed by this.There are many indie and local based artist as well as the usual list of suspects I like……

My wife and I when we were married was lead in and out by bagpipes at the ceremony. I mean how many people you know that will listen to AC/Dc on the way to their wedding, walk the aisle to bagpipes and then dance their first dance as man and wife to Joe Cocker…..

As I write this the sounds of Eric Peters, Andrew Peterson, John Mellencamp and Johnny Cash fill my ears and add to the sound track of my life. I feel I will write more on music and its many flavors, layers and interpretations later but for now I encourage you to sample some of your favorites today and add to the sound track of your life……..

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