Givin’ Praise

There is a gesture that  pro and amateur players  do alike. Most of us have seen it. You know what I’m talking about: the player looking and pointing up to Heaven after a play or whatever that went their way. I am not sure if it is a sign of praise, thanks or just doing it because everyone else does it (yes people still emulate that which they don’t understand just to look cool).

I wonder what would it would look like if we gave “props” when things DIDN’T go our way? I mean it is easy to give thanks when things are going our way right? What would our lives look like if we could give thanks and praise when things aren’t going well. What if we found out we lost our job or even had our hours cut? What if we get sick or cannot afford treatment and medication? What if our life just sucks out loud right now? Why is it that I cannot be thankful for what I have during life’s storms, whether a little one or a full blown hurricane?

I am not saying we shouldn’t be thankful for the good things in our lives. Really its great to be thankful but I seem to forget that when life comes unhinged. Counting  blessings to some seems ridiculous when life is not as (we think it) should be. It is not hard to be positive when the day sky is bright blue and the nights are lit bright by a beautiful harvest moon.  It just gets a little harder when the darkness seems the encompass us and we are without a guiding light.

So the next time you “strike out” in life and are feeling down: Look and point up. When you feel like things will never be this or that: Look and point up. When your dreams seem just out of reach:  Look and point up. When hope fades and faith doesn’t seem to be enough: Look and point up and maybe you will see the sun pushing past the clouds of doubt and may hope reign.

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