Summer Lessons 2010 Style

As I look at the forecast for the  next few days on the weather channel I am somewhat perplexed. There will be above average temps with a few possibly record setting highs. Where are the cool fall days and even cooler nights that I want and love?  I want shades and hints of greens to change to vibrant shades of  yellows and reds. I sigh as if it matters: I see life is as it always is and I don’t get what I want. Again. But in truth the heat will pass and hopefully the landscape will change gracefully into the doldrums of winter.

This past summer was for us here in Kentucky’s heartland one of the hottest on record. I had the distinct pleasure of working out in weather so hot and humid it felt like the air was licking you. It was miserable to say the lest and I was a bear to be around for because of it. It was hard to have a civil attitude little long a good one while working out in that type of repressive heat.

To make it through the days I had to take many breaks to rehydrate myself. During those moments I slowed down and looked at the scene around me. I was amazed at how nature not only survived but seem to thrive in these conditions. From flowers and plants to animals and insects they just make do.

While I and some plants wilted most of them did something I couldn’t: Give back to the cycle of life. Well I did give a lot of blood to mosquitoes and chiggers!

It was these little glimpses into the window of the world around me that helped me through. I have worked inside jobs for almost all my adult life so was very motivating to me. Looking outside of myself was a great blessing because I was getting tired of looking with in.

I came back from these little diversions a bit more human and a little more child like with wonder.

Life is a lot like the heat of this past summer: Unrelenting and hard to escape its burdensome grip. Make a pledge to yourself today to enjoy the day by taking a look around and dare to be amazed at natures wonderment.

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