Looking Up

This will not be a long post nor a deep one as far as content goes but hopefully relevant to some. You see I was walking the boy tonight ( the boy by the way is my dog and well he rocks!) and as the case is more than not I forgot to grab the flashlight. What came clear to me quickly is  I didn’t really need my flash light. Why? Because the moon was lighting my way. Yes the moon. It was illuminating the way before me as if it was the suns first tendrils of day pushing back the night. Because of this awareness of thought being pushed into the sensors of my mental radar via sensory default awareness input (Surrounding verses inward focus or more to the point head up butt verse what is happening right now) I looked up. I am glad I did because once  again I marveled at the sight . Please take time to look up and be humbled and always amazed. Good night and peace.

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