The Body Wonder

It has been several weeks since my last post, and man I have missed it, but I was rolling along burning the midnight oil like always then it happened: I hit the wall. No not a literal wall but that wall that the body has that saves us from ourselves. The wall that says “slowdown now !” because we are not smart enough to really listen to our bodies. This time I listened and didn’t try to break down the wall like in the past because this time really had no choice. Thank God for the Body Wonder.

Yes this time my brain agreed with my body: slowing down is needed now! I have to admit I am a night owl in a early bird world and I am paying for it now. But with that said I have been fortunate in the fact this time I am listening to my body and  listening to my doctor …..finally. My labs are good but Doc says I need to lose a little weight, exercise more and worry less. So  am putting this out there so I can be held accountable: I am @ 194lbs and will be down to 175lbs by the end of the year. I am also going to have the shed cleaned out and all the junk in the house sorted out and put in it’s proper place.

Let the adventure begin….

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