Livin’ In the Middle

Tomorrow there will be a historic vote on health care in this country. I am not going to debate if it good or bad, but I am very troubled by a something this debate has shown me . And that something, which I am guilty of as well,  is most of us  cannot work things out from the “middle”. And not just on health care but about anything the other party or person has on their plate. See working in the “middle” is hard because it deals with real facts and that is hard  for us to do.It takes work and one must have an open mind & oh by the way did I mention it takes work. People see the middle as a place of complaisance but I see it a dynamic place that you must have courage to live. There is real tension there because you have to engage both sides. You will feel the fire and you will get burned once in a while because it isn’t easy nor is it always black or white! Shouting from the ends does not engage one but distances one for the real issues whether it’s health care or other things going on in are lives. Live with courage: Jump in the middle of life!

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