Thankful Thursday

Thank you, the American soldier, for all you do and have done.  And thank you to those who gave it all in service of their country.


† PFC John Harrison Basham Army, 19th Infantry Regiment  24th Infantry Regiment, MIA: Korea April 25,1951†


† Sgt 1st Class Alejandro Granado,2nd Battalion,20th Special Forces Group(Airborne),KIA:Aug 20th,2009 Qule Gerdsar Afghanistan†

†Sgt Roy W Barton from Mitchell, In , K.I.A: WW I†

†PFC Richard John Price,E3-Army-Regular,101st Airborne,KIA: Oct.13,1968, Thua Thien,South Vietnam†

†Navy Capt Michael Scott Speicher,shot down over Iraq Jan.17,1991, MIA, Remains returned Aug.13,2009. Welcome back home Capt. Speicher†

†SP4 MArk Okumura Yamane,US Army-1st Ranger Battallion- 75th Ranger Regimen,KIA: Oct 25th,1983,Grenada†

†William Ahlock,Revolutionary War,K.I.A: Jan 6,1786†

†Earl Gallagher,National Army,Pressman durning WW I, died of pnemonia in France  :  March 22,1918†

†Ernest Suntz(e)nich,Apprentice 1st calss,reported as 1st salior killed in the Spanish-American  War, KIA: May 11,1898,Cienfuegos,Cuba†

†Sgt Jennifer M Hartman,4th Support Battalion,1st Brigade,4th Infantary Div,US Army,MIA: Sept.14,2006,Remains found and status changed to KIA:Sept,22,2006†

†John E radigan,Merchant Mariners, from Allentown,Pa. Killed  uly 6, 1942†

†Miguel Angel Merchant Maniners from San Jaun,PR. Killed June 04,1942†

†1st Lt Sharon Ann Lane, 312th Evac Hospital67th Med GRP, 44th Med BDE, Army Reserve, Killed June 8, 1969 Chu Lai, Vietnam†

†Capt. Maria Ortiz RN, US Army, Killed July 10,2007 in an enemy mortar attack, Baghdad, Iraq†

†Pfc Elmer J Albrecht US Army, Medic with the 9th Cav Regiment, 1st Cav Division KIA Sept.6,1950 in South Korea†

† U.S. Army chaplain Capt. Dale Goetz, 43, Battalion chaplain for the 1st Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment, Died August 30,2010  in the Arghandab River Valley in Afghanistan†

†Army Staff Sgt James Hunter, Journalist assigned to the  Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division. Died June 18 in Zhari district, Afghanistan†

††Note from author:  I started this post as a way to show my appreciation to all of our services men and women who serve and have served our country. At first I wanted to add names every Thursday but my battles with a sleep disorder derailed me from that. I have decided not to add anymore names to this list because I feel this gives a decent cross section of those who paid it all for us. (I realize I may have missed some branches of our country’s armed services so please accept my apologizes).  My true hope is this list reminds each and everyone of us that real people have served and died for us and our country.††

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