Let’s Face It…..

…….I am pissed off. I was laid off last October(2008) and was so focused on staying “positive” and pursuing my “options”, or lack of as it turned out, that I never dealt with the emotional fallout of being laid off. Not only did I lose my job, I was forced to peruse  a completely new line of work. For the record I am pursing a new career, though I am not very good at it, and that makes matters even more emotionally charged and  challenging. I know life is unfair and it can bite sometimes but it still pisses me off.

I am not special though there are some who may argue otherwise. I am not different than tens of thousands who have been as I call it “occupationally displaced”. And like others I was good at what I did and was very comfortable doing what I knew. And like others I have had to change career’s when I thought the industry and line of work I was in was secure. I know I am not alone in this but it still pisses me off.

Well I have at least came to a point where I can admit I need to deal with this issue and will write about it from time to time. My hope is to help others who have, like my self,  been unceremoniously dump into the great unknown of what will we do now. I really try to stay away from being negative just for being negative’s sake because there are enough people already doing that. But honestly this path maybe more jaded than jagged because ,well I am really pissed off.

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