Triple D

Triple D, or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, is one of my favorite shows.  It is on the Food Network opposite of Anthony Bourdain No Reservations on The Travel Channel and another one of my favorite shows. What is ironic is Anthony hates, and I mean hates the Food Network. The short reason I think this is that he thinks it is too concerned with the ratings and they do not use (or respect) their real chefs enough. I cannot understand how he feels since I haven’t spent 28 years in the restaurant biz. Nor have I been to some of the awesome and ancient places he has been. So my take on food is some what uh, narrow compared to Anthony’s.

I have been fortunate though to have the “I like to cook” bug and I thank my mom for this. Nothing fancy but my ingredients are as fresh as one can get in my neck of the woods. I like to grill (no it ain’t barbecue) and using fresh ingredients in the spring and summer from the local farmer’s market. I can make some seriously good scratch milk gravy but my biscuits stink. That I can make I do that which I can’t I fake it. Shows like Triple D inspires me. So I am glad it is on. And I would wear my hair like Guy’s that is if I had hair.

So if you haven’t watched it I will humbly ask you Mr Bourdain to take time to watch Triple D. I know, I know you will have a field day making fun of Guy Fieri. I believe once you really check this show out you will find there are some people who can really cook! They are cooking food like their mom or grandma taught them . They are cooking food like it was cooked in the old country or where ever they came from. There are chefs who got tired of “doing it the company way” so to speak and are doing food their way. Good stuff in other words.

I will more than likely never travel abroad extensively and definitely will not do so as Anthony has. I hope he realizes how blessed he is. It may suck to be me in the travel department but I hope to visit some of the places on Triple D. Well it is about a half  hour till they both come on but I am going to watch Anthony’s premier tonight on Thailand. I can catch Triple D Friday night. Good stuff.

One thought on “Triple D

  1. Hey if you can make good milk gravy Walmart makes a wonderful frozen biscuit that you can’t tell aren’t home made. I can make the bicuits but don’t because I can’t make just a few and I can take 1 out of the bag throw in the toaster oven and have breakfast quick. If I made them all the time Jr and I would be Fluffier than we already are. I just can’t see you with Guy’s hairstyle. Since I have never seen you with anything but a bald head it just wouldn’t be you!

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