Michael Vick the Second Time Around

Author’s Note: With NFL football season under way I was reminded of a post I wrote in the fall of 09′. It was concerning one of today’s most exciting QB’s. Since I am on a sabbittical  I will call this recycling! Enjoy! –The Jagged Man 09/09/11

I hate to admit this but I feel Michael Vick did his time and deserves a second chance. That was not how I felt over two years ago when the media brought light to his involvement in a dog fighting ring. To make matters worse it was HIS dog fighting operation. And as it was revealed later, of his crimes against these dogs in his possession, I really did not feel at all like I do now.The best dog I have ever known was a pitty named Joe. For Joe and his kind I wanted major badness to be laid upon one Mr. Michael Vick. But why this change of heart?

Last night I exchanged  opinions about this very matter with someone online. It started when I stated my belief that he did his time and the other person stated it was not enough time as far as they were concern. On top of that,they stated,this is a government for the people by the people and they would do what ever they could to see that people like Michael Vick got longer sentences. Now I am not going into that debate here because that is another issue for another day.But during this exchange I felt a little closer to why I have “softened” my view on this (and similar) matters. Why have I done so you may ask?

I will answer the why by asking a two questions. One: Would we put the same time, effort and money in helping a fellow human being as we do in helping or saving an animal? I can state at this time the pendulum is swinging to the yes side of the question for me personally but I am quite not there yet. Why? Simply put, I can make an impact on an animals life easier than I can on the human animal.Humans are hard! Humans do not always show that they appreciate our efforts. Animals show their appreciation by wagging their tail or by purring and by their loyalty to the person who helped them. Honestly I cannot match a dogs love and loyalty to their owners in my relationship with my wife, family or friends.They seem to always give us a second chance and look for ways to show it. I cannot say the same about me.

Secondly: Do you believe that you ,an I, deserve a second chance when you make a mistake? Most of us and that includes me thinks we do. So why do we categorize others mistakes into the “can be forgiven” or the “cannot be forgiven “category when we want a full pardon ourselves? We all want a second chance, we need a second chance(s) . We are human and we all make mistakes ( I am not only the President of I Screw Up Daily Club but I am a card caring member as well) and we all feel we deserve a second chance.

I wish Mike well and unlike me, the whole world is watching him so the stakes are real high. Let’s see if a second chance can make a difference. To be continued……….

** Author’s note: I originally posted this 08/15/2009  a day or two after he signed with the Eagles and reentered the NFL. I feel the same way now as I did then. **

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