Write, Right, Write

For as long as there has been the written word, there has been a struggle to find balance in the presentation of facts and ones need to be right. Bias is every present because even though we want to be balanced in our words our life experience, whether by choice or birth, sculpts our views. The reason I bring this front and center is I am not immune to this fact. But what makes me different than some who consume the news is I want do right more than be right.And I also choose what I “consume”.

This has not always been the case for I once was a member of a cult-like church. I did not believe everything I was fed but I wanted to fit in so I “adjusted”  my thought process to be “right” not do what was right towards my fellow human-kind. From this vantage point  I have made a discover of fact: Millions upon millions of people who consume “news and facts” on social media do just that , consume. PSA: I want to make folks aware that consuming with out checking facts, and challenging our biases, will lead to a very bad ending for humanity. That is a reality that has played out time and again on this Beautiful Blue Marble. For the record I kind of like being, you know alive and stuff so we need to let go of biases and prejudice and ignorance and arrogance and so on……and be fully human and fully alive.





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