Something To Ponder: Let’s Put Christ Back In To Christianity

From the Presidential race to the last political election cycle I have this to say: Enough is enough! For those who claim that their political stance and position is based on the bible and God’s word I say this: Where is Christ in this? As I see it Christianity is based on a relationship with God through the reconciling sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Gospels say a lot about how to treat others and relate to God the Father. And Christ, who is the Cornerstone of Christianity, never told us how to vote but told us, and showed us, how to Love others. He taught us to be a voice for the unprotected and marginalize, all the while condemning the religious leaders of His time. The ruling government at that time found no offense in Christ but the “religious elite” at the time used a loophole to silence their biggest critic and keep their positions of “power”. Does any of this sound familiar?

Just to make something clear: This is NOT a call to all who are Christians not to vote. I vote because it is my civic responsibility. I do my research and look at the issues and vote accordingly. Is there ever a perfect candidate? No and I spend a lot of time making my choice but I do vote because once again as a citizen of this land I feel it is my duty to do so. This is however a call to us who claim we believe and follow Jesus Christ to do what is right, by our words and actions, and not to blame, cast hate and judge others so we can be seen as “Being right” by our peers and the system as a whole.

There is no perfect human or human made system: Whether it be a political, economic or religious system they all have flaws but as a Christian we must admit we have them as well, because if not why would we need the unconditional Grace of Christ? What I need to do right now is to understand my place in the problem and move towards being an example of this Grace to others. This convicts me to the core. I am a flawed work of art as any human alive but equally Christ’s Grace covers those flaws and He wants to for everyone. He, through to His words and His actions, showed us that Grace is enough and covers all. It is time for others to see what we stand for, not what we stand against, and in doing so we put Christ back into Christianity.



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