True Beauty Never Fades

Today was a good day to ponder. Gray skies and rain mingled with sunshine and humid conditions could get one down if one would allow it to be.They could not damper the wonderful coolness of the early morn as I drunk it in sitting on our front porch, cat at my feet and coffee in hand.Yes indeed, a good day to ponder.

My Bride and I went for a drive today and driving gets me to pondering. The route we took I have taken many times and it got me thinking about things of old and about My Bride and my journey together as well. Things have changed on roads once taken, some  have been neglected and others have been made better with work over time.We travel roads and miss things for years and one day we see something that has been there all the time. Today one of those things came back as I looked at my Bride and this road we are on: There are new lines in her face and there are is some gray in her hair but the beautiful heart I feel in love with years ago still beats as lovely as ever. True beauty never fades.

IMG_0212 - Copy

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