My Gift Gym Bag: The Rest of the Story.

Two weeks ago yesterday I made my one and maybe only appearance as a wedding photographer.  I knew the groom and his Mom and Grandmother are friends of mine. Those facts notwithstanding the stress was very intense even if I did not look like I was feeling it. And to top it off as payment I got a nice gym bag. Really, well kind of so here is the rest of the story: Fast forward to the Monday after the wedding, and I am at the grooms Grandmother’s house to pick up a few items for a mutual friend.We are talking about the wedding and all the drama that surrounds almost every wedding. The conversation turns to my fee, which I had not mentioned because I thought I was doing this as a favor. That is what people who have one talent do for their friends so money was never mentioned. For me it is hard to put a price on my services but not the next time for I learned enough things from this experience to write a book, I crap you negative! As the groom’s Mom and Grandmother were discussing this the groom’s step-father was present.They had an idea that I was fine with when presented to me but the step-dad was kind of taking back by. They had discussed it at length but the step-dad could not understand why I would accept or why they would even offer my payment of a gym bag. Turns out I was OK with it but he had misheard it and they gave my a nice hand carved, with a natural skin head djembe! I love it and they have a wonderful story to tell as well.


Here is my wonderful djembe and wedding photographer payment!

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