Mature Content: Suicide, My Thoughts

     Fuck You Suicide or Finding a Place of Grace

A mother has lost a child and a father has lost his son. The fact is this happens but deep with in me it seems at the very least wrong. Yet here it is, a life ended by ones own hand and large holes ripped out of the fabric of life of those who loved them. Those who birthed them, tended to them like a garden that was to grow into something larger will suffer the most. Suicide is a complex and sinister beast but for the largest percentage of suicide victims one thing stands as truth: It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Some will argue that they are condemned and are sinners not victims but I do not give a damn about your semantics because placing blame moves the living further from a place they need to be. A place they need sooner than later and that is an acceptance of the act but grace to the person whom hope had died. The living victims of suicide need it and we all need that too.

Note from The Jagged Man: Today my Bride and I went to the viewing of a young friend of ours. The obit listed no cause of death and since I read it Tuesday I had a sense I would not like it. His Grandfather and I talked for just a few minutes and I will not go into detail here but I am sure my young friend took his life. As his girlfriend came over I so wanted to make it all better but my lack of power to do so is self evident. What we can do we will especially once we met our friends 6 week old son. We must act for the living even if it is the simple act of being present.

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