Making Old New Again

The old house  My Bride and I  call home needs a lot of work. It has since the day we moved in around 15 years ago and it still does. The whole play by play of things that can go wrong, and have gone wrong, will have to wait till another day. Because today I want to focus on what makes a home, and what doesn’t so I will not travel down that particular rabbit hole. What makes a home a home differs from one family to the next or even one person to the next. Just because there is one person living in a house does not mean it is not a home. One thing transcends our place on this earth, were we live, were things are good or bad and that is the condition of our heart. I have visits homes draped in privilege and I felt no life there. Yet I been among the least and I have never felt more welcomed and alive. The truth is not where we reside but truly where live.

The old house has thrown me a few more challenges than I can get done while I am on my stay-cation. And the people said Amen! Really I cannot tell you how much stuff I  have had to redo but at least I am alive and living in a home not just a house. Till the next round I have to say this: Making old new again is a lot of work but it works if your heart is in it.



Here is a Cornflower from my experimental wildflower bed. I used an adapter to mate an old Minolta 35mm film lens(MD 50mm 1:1.7) to my Sony A3000. The EFV sucks but the photos if you get lucky and get them in focus are quite pleasing.

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