Not Feeling It….

This morning got off to a late start because I stayed up way to late last night.I woke up in a mood, one of melancholy mixed with the I-don’t-give-a damns. I am on vacation from work and all the projects I have ever started needs finishing and in the trying I have a bigger mess than when I started. So I have made it my goal to brood to day, work tomorrow and have fun this weekend. And it was my thought of brooding that got me going down a trail I have hesitated, hell balked at truthfully, to go down for a long time.

Its been over three years since I have written anything new here @ Pondering Things and Taking Pictures. For those who don’t know I quit writing and posting here after my Pops died in December 2013. I have continued to write but not just to write but as a way to find myself as a writer. I have tried my hand at a mystery novel and have written several series of fictional short stories. The short stories suits me and my skill set better than a novel as I developed the lead character a little to fast.Specifically in the first chapter fast.That is why I have come back to here, to where it started for me as I began to embrace the fact I am a writer.Though I have to point to the obvious(see post title)sometimes there is never a good time to jump but one must or forever wonder why they didn’t take a chance and just do it. So though I am not feeling it, what the hell here we go folks!

Since this is also about pictures I take here are few from the last couple days.


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