I’m A New Member To An Old Club

IMG_0162There is a very old and timed honored club I recently joined. Entrance of this club is not by invitation but by simply living  life. I cannot say I am happy by joining the club though it is very bittersweet because I was raised to one day join.If things are as they should be, it is the way of life. There is no oath to take but many swear several when joining. There is not special attire or ornamentation to display but there is a look one notice when meeting other members. Joining the Club has stunted some members but has also motivated others to greater things. It is a club with boundaries but there are no walls, well that is unless we build them. Members are embraced by other members with understanding and regarded with empathy by those who are not yet members themselves. Admittance is a precise point where there is a changing of one season of our lives to another: Which season we land in is up to us for as in most things we have a choice.

My ramblings probably have some if not all wondering what club it is. The one person who read my blog faithfully was the member of the club himself. This post is in his honor and to honor the woman he loved and to Honor the One he served. He was a kind man with a big but lately broken heart. When others would have been bitter by life’s sometimes cruel but real twists he was not for there truly was no malice in him. I am honored to join because of him and the woman he loved. The club I am now a member of is Those Without Living Parents. Thanks Pops for yours, and yours too Mom, incredible Love and truly inspiring examples of how to live this Jagged Life. You are missed.

8 thoughts on “I’m A New Member To An Old Club

  1. all through the memorial service all I could think was “here is a man in whom there is no guile”. A very well written piece by the way.

  2. This club you speak of, it can have its own advantages over those that are not yet members. One major one that I embrace is wisdom. It’s the one thing I have gained and continue to learn from and cherish. Not that I don’t still screw up, but I think you know what I mean. Always here for you buddy.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sure that your Dad is smiling down at you this very moment, looking at your most recent photo and beaming with pride for the kind, caring and talented man that he raised.

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