I Wish I Was More Like Frank’s Truck

I know this may sound a little strange but I wish I was more like Frank’s truck. Honestly I wish I was more like Frank. This stream of thought started last week when I borrowed Frank’s truck to pick up a load of pellets for the stove. Since my old truck is setting out front dead in the water I needed a truck fast. Winter is coming and soon will rear its ugly head. I called Frank and he said it would be back at his house waiting for me on the morning I needed it. Someone else was using it but Frank went the extra mile to get it returned so I would not have to go retrieve it.

Not Frank's actual truck but you get the picture.

Not Frank’s actual truck but you get the picture.

I pulled up to Frank’s place and there it was just like he said it would be. Frank was not home but I knew all I had to do was jump in and go. I grabbed my coffee and got in the cab and sure enough gas in the tank and a key in the ignition. I fired the V-8 up and headed out to a not-so-local business that carries pellets and all things wood an L.P. stove related. I pulled in and went in to pay for the pallet of pellets (I bet you cannot say that five times real fast) and check out a few items I may need.

With the transition complete the always friendly staff loaded the pallet plus ten bags of pellets into the bed of Frank’s truck. With two-thousand plus pounds in the bed we headed home for me to unload by hand the pellets. I pulled into our place and had to nose up the hill a bit to line up with the shed. I backed down to the shed and proceeded to unload and stack sixty bags of pellets. I will have to do this at least one more time this winter. With the deed done I headed back and returned Frank’s truck.

Per the title one must be wondering why I would want to be like Frank’s truck. Frank’s truck is a Plain-Jane old early 90’s model Chevy one-ton. Nothing fancy and not one bit flashy but it gets the job done. You push the gas and it moves out steadily and readily. It stops when asked and starts just the same. Just like Frank. There when you need something done. Yeah I want to be more like Frank’s truck. And Frank too.

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